megatons of GHG reduction by 2040
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investment needed by 2050 to avoid worst effects of climate change

Global economic activity releases 36 gigatons of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions every year.

Canada is warming at double the rate of other countries, and we have one of the highest GHG emissions footprints in the world per capita. With nine years left to rapidly mitigate the climate crisis, we must intervene to prevent the most disastrous consequences of climate change — now.

We already have a lot of the technology needed to solve the climate crisis. So, instead of focusing on the scale of the challenge, it’s time to adopt and scale up those solutions.

Mission from MaRS: Climate Impact Challenge aims to rapidly accelerate the adoption of our carbon-reducing innovations.

MaRS is working with ventures across three core technology and infrastructure themes: energy, real estate, and transportation. Together, solutions targeting these sectors have the potential to mitigate megatons of GHG emissions globally and, in the process, change the way the global marketplace views Canada’s cleantech sector.

Each venture in the initiative will be paired with a curated team of potential end customers, industry suppliers, strategic investors, regulators and policymakers. These stakeholders will help identify barriers to the widespread adoption of their technologies and develop strategies for the removal of these barriers.

Assembling a stacked team

Working in energy, real estate and transportation, the Mission from MaRS cohort of Climate Champions can help Canada flip the climate crisis on its head. By scaling their innovations, these companies have the potential to mitigate megatons of GHG emissions and spur economic activity the world over.

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